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Girl Breakfast Rolling Tray

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Introducing our Girl Breakfast  Rolling Tray – a delightful blend of retro vibes, tongue-in-cheek humor, and functional design. Elevate your rolling experience with this one-of-a-kind tray that adds a pop of color and a dash of sass to your sessions.

🍳 Rise and Roll in Style: Inspired by the iconic aesthetics of vintage diners, our Girl Breakfast Metal Rolling Tray brings the playful spirit of a cheeky morning to your smoke session. The vibrant yellow and red hues create a visually striking backdrop for the whimsical illustrations that pay homage to the not-so-typical 'girl breakfast.'

🌮 Whimsical Illustrations: Dive into a world of tongue-in-cheek humor with illustrations that capture the essence of a rebellious breakfast. From a breakfast burrito to cold pizza, this tray features all your favorite guilty pleasures alongside a playful nod to the essentials – joints and a touch of "Bitch Juice." It's the ultimate fusion of breakfast delights and herbal indulgence.


Material: Metal

Size: 18*14cm