Go Easy, Relax Hard

After focusing on her mental health and making some *big life changes* during the panny, Molly Mathias woke up one morning with a great idea: a whole store dedicated to self-care, AKA Go Easy.

Our lady-led crew first arrived in Dallas in the summer of 2020 with one mission: to help you chill out—no matter your size, skin color, or sexuality. (Oh, we’re also in Houston, too!)

We believe that there’s more to self-care than baths and face masks. It's also going to therapy, setting boundaries, having safe sex, smoking herb, reading books, self-pleasure, and more. Self-healing isn’t one size fits all, but our idea of self-care *always* involves a break. 🌈

Go Easy is proud to serve as an inclusive, safe space for women of all sizes, races, and orientations. Everyone belongs in our smoke circle. We’re glad you’re here, babe!

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