Here To Help You Take It Easy 😌

😈Easy, breezy, beautiful, stoner girl👼 - that's what we're all about at Go Easy! We noticed that the cannabis industry was leaving out the cool, young ladies who just want to kick back and enjoy a good high. With weed legalization on the rise, our fellow zoomers are all about that legal, no-hangover life, and we're here to provide it!

While everyone else is just focused on getting you SUPER blitzed, Molly Mathias, the brains behind and founder of Go Easy, had other plans. She wanted to make sure that you not only get high, but that you get high without any unpleasant aftertaste🤢and most importantly,


You can trust that with Go Easy, you're getting a clean high that won't leave you feeling like you got run over by a lawnmower the next day.💀 It's no surprise that Go Easy has become the go-to source for high-quality edibles in the great state of Texas!🤠 But we didn’t want to stop there.

We came up with something game-changing -

🤯The Cloud Nine Pipe☁️ our first foray into upscale yet affordable smokeware. Say goodbye to eyesores on your coffee table🫣 and hello to something sleek and stylish that will impress even your most discerning guests.🥲 And the best part? We're happy to recommend it to our fellow smoke enthusiasts without breaking the bank.💸

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