Hey bestie!  So you decided you wanted to #selfcareandchill, but now you're updating that tracking link minute by minute.

We do our very best to get all our oders out within 3 days, but sometimes life happens...

We are a super small team and don't have a fulfillment center or magic critters that can pack for us (I know that would be so cute, maybe one day).

Please give us at least 3 days for handling before getting too sassy in our DM's (you know who you are) 🙄

Once we have dropped it with the appropriate shipping services, you'll get a tracking number in your email, but then it’s really Gods hands.

Once USPS has it she's really the only one who knows where your package is 👼


Ok sooooo things got a little crazy last night ☁️ and you accidently did a little shopping and woke up to a large box of goodies you don’t really want?

We've all been there, but unfortunately we can't take returns ❌ Due to the nature of our goods (that good green stuff) our payment processing system has very strict rules and we just can't accept returns.

We hope you won't feel tooooo salty about this. We recommend repurposing your mistake as a lovely gift for your bff (like that was the plan all along) or at least a relatively harmless lesson in the dangers of online shopping.

If someone arrives incorrectly or damaged, that's our bad. PLEASE contact us immediately and we will make it right!

We aren’t monsters!