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Cosmic Cones

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🌌 Introducing the Go Easy Cosmic Cones: Where Cosmic Vibes and Perfectly Packed Joints Collide! 🚀


Whether you're chilling with your squad or having a solo stargazing session, Go Easy Cosmic Pre Roll Cones have got your back. It's like having a mini party in your pocket, ready to ignite the good times whenever you are. 🎉🌙


These cuties are waiting for you to fill them with your chosen herbs. No more fumbling with rolling papers – just load, twist, and get ready to soar like a butterfly in the breeze (we even put it on the box just to make sure you remember, babe) 🌬️🦋😘


Our papers are made of 100% Organic Rice Paper, and not only do they burn perfectly, but your customers will look damn good doing it. No taste. No smell. Only a clean smoke.

*each pack contains 6 rice paper cones


Organic, non-toxic, food grade, vegetable inks | Organic paper | Organic fair
trade Arabic gum adhesives