Fat of the Land

Woodland cocoa


Rich, earthy & amazingly versatile. A cocoa powder fortified with the mycelial magic of 6 different medicinal mushrooms and acorns from mature oak groves. Acorns are abundant in magnesium, minerals, and gut-friendly fiber, as well as adding a nutty quality and silky rich texture to lattes and elixirs. This cocoa is imbued with the power of the wild woods, bringing you into as much balance as an old-growth forest.

ingredients (all organic or wild): cacao powder, acorn powder, mushroom powder extracts of: 

chaga, turkey tail, reishi, cordyceps, lion's mane & artist's conk

USE: Whisk ½ - 1 TBSP into 8 ounces warm water or milk of choice. Sweeten to taste. Enjoy!

In a 16 OZ by volume tin, 227 GM.

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