Recreational Use

Wood Pipe - Pill


Our Pill Pipe is hand-carved from natural cherry wood and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. By utilizing only natural elements in its design we have allowed for a more organic smoking experience. 

The wood has been finely sanded and finished with a natural oil to create a silky-smooth surface to the touch. The pipe contains a hollow chamber as well as a mouthpiece and carb hole to clear the smoke, giving you an even, smooth pull every time. 

With its simple silhouette and organic shape, this piece is the perfect coffee table accessory for the design-minded individual. 

Each pipe purchase comes with complimentary matches and a Clean Kit, which includes a reusable doob tube and 3 pipe cleaners.

Approximate Dimensions: 1(3/4)” x 1” x 4

Handmade in New York.

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