Potli Olive Oil


Potli's Extra ~Vibrant~ Olive Oil is made from the highest quality cold-pressed, single origin olives harvested from a family owned and operated orchard in Northern California.

Infused with broad spectrum, sun-grown hemp, Potli EVOO takes advantage of the high bio-availability to seamlessly and efficiently integrate CBD into your daily wellness routine.

Extra virgin olive oil made with cold-pressed single origin olives harvested in Northern California, sun-grown hemp 

  • 250 mg hemp derived CBD (per 250mL bottle)
  • 15 mg per 0.5 oz (1 tbsp) serving 
  • 16 servings per bottle


  • Drizzle it over your fav hummus, greek yogurt, tartines, strawberry ice-cream!
  • Cook with it over medium heat (recommended 356°F)

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