Dad Grass

Mom Grass 2pk-CBG Joints


CBG joints are for tuning in and chilling out. CBG, the mother of all cannabinoids, is the building block for THC and CBD. Heal the body and soul when you light up with mom grass. A few tokes and your mind and body will relax and then watch your worries melt away. Basically, its a vibe. 

A Twoobie™ with two .75G hemp CBG doobies nestled together in a single tube.

The Joints: Made with only the finest 100% USDA Organic hemp flower, responsibly grown right here in the USA. High in CBG and rich with terpenes. No additives or pesticides. No nicotine or tobacco. No trim or shake. A simple paper filter. All wrapped up in 100% natural papers and folded at the end to keep the good stuff in. Just a classic recipe that keeps your soul light and your head right.

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