Fat of the Land

Mind Mender



GINKGO: Helps open blood vessels up and bring more oxygen to the brain. Great for students wanting to sharpen memory and increase attention, those looking to prevent or treat diseases related to emboli, such as dementia, parkinson's or strokes, and anyone seeking to increase their awareness so they're able to see their surroundings with great clarity and perspective.

LIONS MANE: Lion’s mane has been know to improve visual cognitive memory, promote nerve growth, and be use as preventive and treatment for neurodegenerative diseases.

TULSI:  A well-loved adaptogen that has been used for thousands of years. Tulsi has an affinity for the brain, it increases blood circulation and recent studies have show it can be helpful for balancing blood sugar levels, one of the main causes of cognitive impairment. It’s calming and uplifting properties make it well suited to boost focus.

ROSEMARY: Ancient Greek scholars wore crowns of rosemary to boost mental acuity and keep their memory sharp while taking exams. Just your hands through a rosemary bush and you’ll come to understand the generous scent and it’s ability to inspire thought.*

ingredients (all organic or wild, always): cane spirits, mountain spring water, fresh green and golden ginkgo leaf, lion’s mane mushroom, fresh tulsi leaf, fresh rosemary hydrosol

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