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Go Easy Rose Infused Delta 8 Joints

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Delta-8 + Rose = Say Byeeee to Bad Moods



#selfcareandchill with Mood-Boosting Rose


Allll the happy feels, coming your way—meet our superchill Delta 8 and rose joints. 🌹


Good smoke and pretty flowers: one of our fave self-care combos. ✨ That’s why we took our best-selling Delta 8 and infused it with mood-boosting rose petals.


Why rose? When smoked, these gorg flowers help to produce a sense of inner peace and happiness, making them a solid choice for stressed-out cowgirls. 🤠


Made available in our signature (and supercute) boxes with 5 perfectly-rolled 1-gram joints. 💨 Just wanna test it out? Heard—grab the glass tubes with two 1-gram joints. One for you, one for your bestie. ‍👯


Note: Our Delta 8 will get you high, so it’s only available for babes that are 21 and older