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Go Easy Lavender Infused Delta 8 Joints

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Delta-8 + Lavender = See Ya, Stress


#selfcareandchill with De-Stressing Lavender


The ultimate #selfcareandchill—meet our superchill Delta 8 smokes, now with lavender!


Ohhhh yes. 💜 We took our best-selling Delta 8 and infused it with de-stressing lavender for a totally next-level smoking experience. 


Why lavender? 🌿 This pretty purple flower contains linalool, a terpene that works to reduce signs of anxiety and stress. It’s also used to help you score better zzz’s and soothe signs of inflammation. 


When smoked with Delta 8, this badass botanical brings alllll the warm, fuzzy feels of total relaxation. ✨ (Seriously—this smoke with a nice bath and your favorite takeout… you get it.)


Made available in our signature (and supercute) boxes with 5 perfectly-rolled 1-gram joints. Just wanna test it out? Heard—grab the glass tubes with two 1-gram joints. ‍💨

Note: Our Delta 8 will get you high, so it’s only available for babes that are 21 and older