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Go Easy Delta 8 + CBN Joints

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Delta 8 + CBN = Zzzzzzzzzzz 😴


#selfcareandchill with our sleepy time joints!


For all the sleepy babes that stay up late thinking about that weird thing they did in 8th grade. 


We combined our best selling D8 flower and infused it with CBN (the sleepy cannabinoid) to make the first sleepy time joint. 🌙


What's CBN? CBN is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants that has strong pain relief and is known to produce a 'drowsy' effect. Perfect for those sleepy cowgirls that toss and turn.


Basically imagine if the sleepy time tea bear was a stoner, yeah he would be REALLY into this joint. ☁️


Made available in our signature (and supercute) boxes with 10 perfectly-rolled half-gram joints. 💨 Just wanna test it out? Heard—grab the glass tubes with two 1-gram joints. One for you, one for your bestie. ‍👯


Note: Our Delta 8 will get you high, so it’s only available for babes that are 21 and older.