Rose Delights

Flower Rosin Infused Edibles - Jonathan Apple Rincon Tropics Passion Fruit


Introducing our partnership with three-star Michelin chef, Dominique Crenn (of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco). Her first foray into the edibles market with the curation of Rose’s 2021 calendar of seasonal recipes. Dominque’s first recipe features Frederick passion fruit from Rincon Tropics and house- pressed Johnathan apples from Nana Mae’s in Sebastapol to round out the peak summer palette with luscious, bright layers that are wildly compatible—a perfect bite to connect the summer with the fall. Rose x Crenn CBD Delights feature first-press Sour Space Candy Hemp Rosin from New York’s female-owned and operated Hudson Hemp.

10mg per Delight

200mg per box

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