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Go Easy Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls - Enjoy the ultimate relaxation and blissful experience with our signature Delta-8 THC packs

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Ready for blastoff? 🚀 Take your #selfcareandchill up a notch with our Go Easy Delta 8 joints!

Delta-8 is a canabinoid that produces a super-pleasant high — prepare for all the euphoric, warm fuzzy vibes. ☁️😌☁️ With 10 perfectly-rolled joints in our cosmic cloud packaging, this Delta-8 pack is a must-have for cool cowgirls in need of a ✨moment✨. Scoop one for yourself or treat your bestie — y’all sooo deserve it. 💚

Made available in our signature (and supercute) boxes with 10 perfectly-rolled half-gram joints. Just wanna test it out? Heard—grab the glass tubes with two 1-gram joints. ‍


Note: Our Delta-8 will get you high, so it’s only available for babes that are 21 and older