Balance Drops


The Feeling: Calm, Clear, Connected

Your daily defense against overwhelm, BALANCE lifts the spirit and keeps you calmly-focused throughout the rhythms of the day.

The Taste: Light, floral-botanical tasting notes.
    • HEMP drops, non-intoxicating
    • 300mg/bottle, 30ml - 1/2 size bottle, 150mg/15ml
    • Designed for daily consumption
    • No chemicals | No herbicides | Non-GMO
  • How To Use

    Drop under the tongue or in food/beverage of choice. Our favorite times to dose:

      • With coffee for a clear, focused energy, minus the jitters.
      • Mid-afternoon to lift the mood and silence workday stress.
      • Pre or post-workout to restore and renew.                   
    • Ingredients

      Organic MCT Oil

      • Why we include it: Mct is known as brain fuel. It metabolizes quickly for increased and sustained energy without the crash providing energy, jumpstarts metabolism, decreases cravings and supports healthy gut microbiome. Its neutral flavor and light consistency are a perfect carrier for the hemp and supports it to work more efficiently in the body.
      • Source: Asia - Certified organic Small farmer sourced, cold pressed in the USA, hexane free.

      Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil — Rich in antioxidants and terpenes.

      • The effectiveness of Juna stems from our exceptionally-rich, full-spectrum, single-origin, sun-grown hemp oil. Sourced from organic farmers who utilize regenerative permaculture techniques for the richest soil quality,  the flower we start with contains more than 80 identified botanical actives, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

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