Aroma Set


this set of oils is packages in a black metal tin, with three oils included, enlivening, vitality and tranquility. apply to pulse points. the ingredients vary but include caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), proprietary blend of essential oils and absolutes. each glass roller hols 10 ml of oil. made in brooklyn, new york.


enlivening: grapefruit + lemongrass + tea tree

this blend is for focus and clarity of the mind, created to assist with concentration and productivity. 

vitality: jasmine + sandalwood + cardamom

this blend is for spontaneity and inner-confidence, created to be enticing and is intended to spark curiosity.

tranquility: lavender + blue yarrow + cypress 

this blend is for comfort and to sooth exhaustion, created to help in relieving nervous exhaustion and mental fatigue. 


"love the gentleness of them. gave one as a gift, keep one at home and one at the office. instead of breaking to get a cup of coffee, i break to roll the scent on my pulse points" -Judith

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