Fat & The Moon

Aloe Lotion



This lotion is wonderful for the treating sunburns as well as a daily moisture boost. similar to the all cream but with a lighter texture. the founder of fat and the moon has built  her company around handcrafted, herbal body care products rooted in natural and effective alternatives to chemical filled products. 


Unscented and aloe-riffic for face and body. Dandy for those sensitive skin types! A little dab of this lotion will take you far. For the bestest results, apply after cleansing when the skin is still a bit damp. In combo with F&M’s bite and burn spray, Aloe Lotion is great for soothing post-sun skin.


Aloe Vera (Aloe perfoliata)*
Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annuus)*
Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera)*
Beeswax (Cera alba)
Elderberry Extract (Sambucus spp.)



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