All In One Razor


You know that feeling when you realize you missed a spot shaving? This all in one travel razor will never leave you with that feeling again. Shave anywhere and anytime you need to touch up on the go. Water bottle spray, moisturizing bar, and triple blade razors all in one so you never have to worry about this missed spots again. 

Each razor includes:

  • A refillable water spray bottle
  • A shea butter moisturizing bar
  • Two triple-blade razor cartridges

In case you’re wondering: cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, TSA-approved

Smooth ShaveHigh quality triple-blade razors + flex hinge = seriously smooth skin

MoisturizingLubricating pre-shave strip contains chamomile, olive oil, allantoin, and propolis for silky soft skin

Time-saving "Flow-through" blade construction makes for easy cleaning on the go (whoop!)

Space-saving Purse-friendly and TSA-approved




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