Moon Juice

Full Moon Sachets


Adaptogenic blends for your everyday bev. Moon Dust® targets stress for total mind and body support.* Transform your Sex, Brain, Spirit, Dream, Power, and Beauty.*

Gluten Free | Non GMO | No Fillers


The Full Moon includes 2 of each dust:

  • + Beauty Dust® helps combat accelerated aging, improve skin clarity, and protect from free radicals*
  • + Brain Dust® helps support focus, mental stamina, and concentration*
  • + Sex Dust® helps support healthy hormonal balance for creative energy, in & out of the bedroom*
  • + Power Dust® helps restore energy, promote recovery and support a healthy immune system*
  • + Spirit Dust® helps increase resistance to tension and irritability, and helps calm and elevate mood*
  • + Dream Dust® helps increase resistance to stress and tension, and promotes deep, restful sleep*


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