Sharing a Smoke with Deon Hawkins

I had only ever chatted with Deon via instagram, like most interactions happening in the years during a pandemic. She's effortlessly cool, I love her outfit stories and tune in every nail day to see what design she dreams up (seriously her nail designs inspire envy). Although our planned shoot was derailed by covid a few times, we finally got out to Goodcycle for a morning shoot filled with talks of Rihanna's pregnancy, good vintage, and why our joints are just so dang good. 

Molly: first things first, what do you go by and preferred pronouns?

Deon: Deon Hawkins (Dee-On); she/her 

M: What are you currently obsessing over (music/movies/pop culture)?

D: Lately I have been extremely obsessed with watching K Dramas (Korean Dramas in case you don’t know). One of my favorite things to turn on and unwind especially after a long work day.

Also obsessing over my sis Rihanna being pregnant! She’s glowing and I love watching her journey

M: Dallas shout out time! Who are your favorite people doing cool shit in Dallas right now?

D: I might be biased but Good Cycle and Ursa Minor are two under appreciated need-to-knows in Dallas. Good Cycle owned by Nikayla Barrett is literally my favorite feel good store to go for all my vintage finds.

Ursa Minor is not only my best friend but she is ALWAYS in the kitchen mixing up goods. Whether she is the tunes at a party or baking your fave sweets as the Butter Fairy. You’re in good hands no matter what.

M: what do you love about Dallas? What do you hate?

D: I love how the city has grown from a mystery to my adult playground. At times, I do feel like a transplant since I only recently moved back since the pandemic. Yet, the city still feels like home. 

Ugh, I hate how over crowded the city is getting. Like, where has this traffic been coming from?!? I understand construction traffic jams but this is bumper to bumper. 

I can’t even get to my favorite places because now everyone knows about it. Good for small businesses but bad for me lol

M: This world is chaotic, especially right now. How do you find inspiration?

D: Phew, in this climate it’s HARD but most of my inspiration lately has been coming K Dramas. The fashion, the plot line, the DRAMA. It gives me hope - that, and music of course.  

M: What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

D: If this pandemic has taught me anything it is there is no better time than now to start owning my confidence and truly living my best life. Why wait around wishing, hoping, or waiting on someone or something else. Time is too precious to waste.

M: least looking forward to?

D: Getting through the “this is the new normal” phase. I wish people would reflect on their 2 years spent indoors as a positive and not something to complain about… but such is life.

M: Favorite place to smoke/consume?

D: Favorite place to consume has to be either my home or my best friend’s spot. Both give a sense of comfort and freedom that you could just get lost in the clouds.

M: Favorite thing to do while smoking/consuming?

D: I love writing while I smoke. The words seems to just fall out of my brain onto paper. Setting up my space to capture whatever thoughts might flow out is important as I continue to intentionally consume. 

M: Favorite munchie?

D: A must lately has been chowing down a tasty pastry from my favorite spot Beard Papas or 85 degrees bakery. When that is out of reach, I’m a classic Cheetos and Oreos kind of gal.

M: What do you play while smoking/consuming?

D: See this question gets a three part answer only because there are lots of things to “play” while smoking: 

-MUSIC: I play from a range of r&b to lofi and a bit of any low, good feeling BPM in between. The jams just depend on the mood. 

-GAMES: During the pandemic I jumped on the switch wagon and can’t put it down. I got hooked on Animal Crossing New Horizon or ACNH for my fellow moots out there. Nintendo has also launched an expansion pack that literally takes me to my childhood with Sega and Nintendo 64 games. 

-SHOWS/MOVIES: Of course who doesn’t like curling up with a joint and something good to watch to make you feel GREAT. Recently what has been nice to unwind to is finishing a very classic anime, Yu Yu Hakuso. The effects and newly remastered images just hit different after a few puffs. 

M: Are you a loner or social butterfly while consuming?

D: It definitely depends on the mood but if I’m alone it’s always SUPER intentional. Meaning, it can’t be the first thing I reach for as soon as I wipe the crust for my eyes. It should be embedded into a daily routine/ritual you have (mine being when I come home from work).

M: How has consuming benefited you mentally/physically/emotionally?

D: In all aspects, consuming cannabis has aided me in ways that only like high minded individuals(wink wink) can relate to. It created a safe space for me through out college, built bridges to life long friendships and helped me recover from various injuries and aches I have had over the years. I might be biased, but this plant is just that…a plant. 

The fact that people have had their entire lives alternated due to the powers that be not being educated is just plain ignorant.

M: Anything you want to plug for yourself? new projects/passion projects?

D: Currently I am working on a few things so I will definitely say stay tuned. You will be seeing much more of this face and hearing this voice very soon

M: Any parting words for the Go Easy folks?

D: In this world we live in, we move so fast and at times forget what we truly want in life. This is just a reminder to sit back, go easy, and smell the OG flowers once in a while.


Thanks for chatting with us Deon! You can follow Deon here on instagram.