Our Origin Story: The Birth of Go Easy.....

You think you know but you have no idea....This is the true story of how Go Easy came to be.

While the story of how I came up with the idea for Go Easy isn't fraught with as much drama as an E! True Hollywood story, it's still a damn good story and a classic pandemic pivot. 

I've talked about our origin story in quick press quotes but for all you Go Easy babes out there I wanted to share with the full story and a little bit about me too.  

In case you missed it, I also own a store called Magic Hour. Magic Hour is a home goods based store, but since the beginning we also had a small apothecary section. It was never a huge money maker and really just something I was personally passionate about.  That all changed when the pandemic hit March 2020. 

Let's rewind a bit.....before the pandemic I was in a new relationship with a local business owner. Things were good, until he ghosted me and left town with almost $10,00 of my money. I did the appropriate amount of crying and eating ice cream (is there ever enough ice cream to heal a broken heart? I don't think so!) and then decided I would use all this alone time the panny was giving me to focus on my mental health. I went to therapy, I did workshops on healing my inner child, I focused on friendships, started taking CBD,  AND THEN I WAS HEALED. JK! thats not really how it works, but I started to feel better. 

At the same time I was on my journey of *~self discovery~* we noticed a huge uptick in sales at Magic Hour in our skin care and apothecary section. We would get messages every day from customers wanting to send care packages to their friends and family. 

Then one morning I woke up with an idea. A whole store surrounded around 'Self Care.' I knew I couldn't be the only one that was digging deep during this time and really figuring out my own self worth, surely there were others also thinking about these things? 

And since I'm a millennial I turned to instagram. I asked my friends and followers what they thought of when they heard the word "self care." It turns out there's a lot more to self care than taking baths and doing a face mask. It's going to therapy, setting boundaries, having safe sex, smoking herb, reading books, self pleasure and yes...sometimes taking baths and doing face masks. 

A quick google search and I realized there was only a couple stores in the US focusing on this. I was definitely a little naive and now I know there is a reason why no one had done this before. Hint hint: its all about the money bb (payment processing) but that came later :)

I immediately started working on this idea because I knew this was it. MY BIG IDEA! 

I started contacting vendors and buying up whatever seemed like someone might consider "self care." I had to think of a name, and since I'm terrible with names I turned to my BFF who was the one that thought of 'Magic Hour' and luckily he pulled a rabbit out of a hat for a second time with the name 'Go Easy'. I wanted to start small and for obvious reasons was hesitant to sign a lease right away. But luckily I have amazing friends (shout out to Fount Board and Table) who let me pop up for a few months so we could get our idea into the world! 

It was pretty clear from the first days of the pop up I was onto something. I started out hesitant to talk about vibrators publicly and smoking and all those more controversial topics. But it felt important that I do talk about those things. I'm a very open and honest person and me and my friends were already talking about sex and comparing vibrators. We were getting high and talking about what breakthroughs we had in therapy. Everyday I was getting strangers coming in and sharing with me personal stories about themselves and their mental health journeys. It was humbling and inspiring to realize we were all going through something together. I can still remember when I sold my first vibrator to a woman in her 60's! 

We've evolved a little since that first pop up. Our voice has changed slightly to add a little wink to everything we do ;) We try not to take ourselves seriously while talking about serious stuff. And I hope you all will officially enter the Go Easy chat with us! 

A year later, the journey hasn't been easy.....I have faced a mountain of obstacles to keep Go Easy going but I haven't and won't quit! I think the work we are doing is so important. I want Go Easy to be a safe space for all women no matter their size, sexuality or race. A place whether you are just learning about self care or you are a pro. You can always come in and find something new and ask questions in a judgement free zone. Thats the mission and has been since day 1. 

If you've been with us since the beginning THANK YOU and if you are just joining us, welcome to the party!